Our usual data digitization/conversion process goes through six major stages, from analyzing the requirements to the final delivery to the client.

  1. The requirements of the job/project are analyzed and specifications are prepared for the data entry and conversion teams. Production supervisors explain the instructions to the team members and hand over the copies of specifications to them.
  2. Two groups of data entry operators key in the same files and save them with different names.
  3. These two versions of the files are then electronically compared character for character, by two groups of production quality analysts. Source documents are referred to for mismatches, and necessary corrections are incorporated into the files.
  4. Both the groups save their output files by different names. These files then go through the last round of electronic comparison which identifies & eliminates any errors that may have been missed in the previous comparison to rule out the possibility of any error.
  5. The output files then go through the conversion/formatting process wherein files are converted to the format desired by the client.
  6. Finally the files are handed over to the External Quality Group which thoroughly audits the files to ensure they match the desired quality level. The external Quality Group also proofreads files to ensure their accuracy. Once done with the quality checking process, the batch is given a quality certificate, which authorizes the production team to deliver the output files to the client. In case, files don't meet the desired accuracy level, the quality group issues the rejection certificate and rolls the files back to the production group for their clean-up.