English Heritage

Project Objective

To develop an interactive web portal where users would get required information for their specific home types, in different counties in UK. The objective was to enable a flexible and dynamic content management system where administrator could add new content for existing navigation corresponding to different combinations of home types, regions (counties), their eras of construction, and a slew of such factors.


The primary challenge in project was to generate new pages or make changes in existing pages for all corresponding home types and region types' combinations, without affecting the overall site structure. It required that a single new page should be available for multiple combinations of home-types and regions.
One more challenge was to enable content management without any database interaction.


Phi solutions development team provided the solution where site administrator can manage content on the website, dynamically. Admin can create new pages that can have content, images, PDF attachments, tabular data, and a flexible sequential arrangement of different page components.
In brief, the application has following key features.


The team used ASP.NET, with C#, and SQL Server 2005. JavaScript was used for Search and Clipboard features, and FCK Editor was used to enable rich text formatting.


The solution conceived and implemented by Phi solutions, provides following benefits to English Heritage.