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With the advent of e-Publishing technology publishers are looking at service providers for solutions that can create customized paper and electronic books from a single source.

For over 10 years with a team of experienced subject matter experts PHi has been helping publishers around the world to overcome these challenges. Our end to end pre-press services enable publishers to get maximum value for their money. PHi provides pre-press solutions ranging from editing, indexing and abstracting to pagination in multiple applications. PHi's linguistic services help publishers to repurpose their content in various languages.
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The document management needs of libraries and universities around the world are enormous. They have the challenge of converting their paper books to e-Books and other digital formats. Converting their conventional textbooks & study material to advanced and sophisticated eLearning content is another challenge. PHi has been helping universities and libraries by converting their content from microfiche, handwritten and typewritten manuscript and physical drawings to various digital formats.

Our wide range of services to educational institutions and libraries include:
(a) Large scale data conversion and digitization work.
(b) Conversion of paper and microfiche content into various digital formats like ePub, doc, mobi, iphone etc. thereby making it ready for Print, Web, e-Book devices etc.
(c) Conversion of data into mark-up languages like XML, HTML, SGML etc.
(d) Translation and linguistic services for wider range of distribution.
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Governments have huge data processing needs. The challenge that governments face today is to convert millions of important paper documents and study material into various searchable electronic formats at a fast pace. We at PHi help government's process high volume of data and provide documentation, typesetting, archiving and digitization services. We also provide pre-press services for the release of new edition of journals, newsletters and gazette's.

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PHi Business Solutions helps banks and finance companies by managing their regulatory & compliance documents and transaction processing needs. All financial and banking transactions require accuracy and fast turnaround times. PHi's 24x7 operation helps customers achieve 100% precision on thousands of transactions processed every day.

Ever since the introduction of the EDGAR system by the Security Exchange Commission organizations have faced the challenge of getting their documentation done at low cost so that their corporate and financial information is available to investors. PHi has years of experience in EDGAR documentation. We help companies prepare EDGAR documents for online SEC filing from any input ranging from Tiff, txt, word files, to excel sheets.
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PHi Business Solutions helps manufacturing companies by creating and maintaining mechanical drawings of various elements of their products. The experienced engineering team at PHi is committed to providing accurate mechanical designs using AutoCAD or any other engineering platform. We do mechanical drafting conversion at very competitive prices. We can work on almost all image formats including IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, GIF, TIFF, etc. and convert them into fully editable multilayered digital formats.
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