About MyCoToGo

MyCoToGo is a web based corporate accounting management tool that we developed for corporate legals. By streamlining the paperwork and reducing the time which was involved in corporate filing with corporate legal, boutique legal and accounting firms. The company is directly linked to state & provincial government offices across North America. Even in jurisdictions where public access to corporate registry service is limited, the Company provides expedited searches and prompt filing services to their clients.

The Problem

The company's core process revolved around providing dedicated and one-to-one service to its clients. Some of the main points in the process were:

The Solution

Our analyst and product architects worked together to plan the architecture. The focus is to plan a modular architecture to keep different content types independent for their own scalability, access and integration points with the application as a whole. The key features of our solution are:


To achieve the goals, we adopted AGILE development process; where we used to have daily progress meetings; and created sprints cycle of 3 weeks to see the activities. We setup the product in JIRA to get a better control on the development life cycle.

Technology The Benifits

The organization immediately saw the benefits, when the entire team and respective clients found an integrated system for their respective tasks towards the common goal. The system is designed for latest usability, to provide a user-friendly experience for all users. People with all roles realized that they are spending less time to fetch or share documents, read messages for updates, to seek information from clients, and for any such tasks in their workflow. Time saved is time invested elsewhere which boosts productivity, and hence the overall ROI of the business.