NPLEX : The Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations


NPLEX is known for "Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations". NPLEX is an online process for examining their Examination writer and after finalization of the Examiner; the application allows them to start writing Cases and Items for the NPLEX Exam Development Process. NPLEX conducts various examinations for United States - Medical body like MSEE, CCSE.

The Problem

NPLEX had a process that they needed to streamline better, digitally. One Exam process takes approx. 6 months to complete the Steps in the preparation of a set of NPLEX Examination. The challenge was to bring together the following internal processes for an exam.

The key challenge was to provide user friendly environment for all the doctors' community. The application had to handle various exams and their different processes.

The Solution

Our analyst and product architects worked together to plan the architecture. The focus was to develop an intuitive UX while keeping the business goals relevant to the customers' experience. The forms were designed and integrated in such a way that the users were not overwhelmed by the process.


To achieve the goals, we adopted AGILE development process; where we used to have daily progress meetings; and created sprints cycle of 3 weeks to see the activities. We setup the product in JIRA to get a better control on the development life cycle.

Technology The Benefits

The organizations immediately saw the benefits when internal users found the system more user-friendly, and it was aligned with their technical skills.
They could interact with the system better, and everybody saw an optimized process, and a better working experience for all the stakeholders involved.